Cumming Alive with Color!

This 20 page coloring book for adults will provide hours of entertainment! This coloring book contains a variety of designs from your favorite old time classics. Designed by our artists,each page will be sure to make your artistic + dirty skills come out to play!

A Tale of Two Titties


About Us

Two badass women have a couple drinks.. What happens next? Oh wait, THIS happens next. It all started over a couple cocktails and talking about what everyone loves doing best :sex.A Tale of Two Titties being the first of our line, we wanted to bring the public a mix of your favorite old time classics with a naughty twist, of course. Whether you're buying this for a bachelorette party, a boring friday night, or because you’re getting no action…we promise you won’t be disappointed. The goal is to bring something to the table that has never been done before. We’re not just creating a coloring book,we’re creating an experience.

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